A Christmas idea with no regrets

Ty's "Baby's first Christmas" Ornament Last year I gave  a box of ornaments to Ty and his new wife, Caroline. Actually, I had already given them to him…one each Christmas for the previous 25 years.

He was born in November of 1987. So his arrival was perfectly timed with Christmas. We purchased the “Baby’s first Christmas” ornament (but kept it!   Don’t tell him!)

Two extra boys later we decided to do something that was fun and created memories.  We bought four similar ornaments each year, one for each of the three boys and one for us to keep.

Some we purchased because of what they were interested in that year (i.e., deer).  Other times they were purchased on a family vacation or mission trip (i.e., African animals).  And other times that just caught my eye or because I like the materials used (note iron Indian on horse!)

I wrote the year and each of their names (or their initials) on the ornaments using a paint pen.

WaLa!  A great Christmas gift to the newlyweds!DSC_0633DSC_0638DSC_0636DSC_0637



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