About me

karen-serving-fried-piesI am Karen and this website is my namesake.

I feel like an octopus that needs to be a jelly fish!  I have too many flailing arms and legs, so this web address is my way of pulling it all in.  I simply want much of what is going on around me and inside of me to be in one place.

 I’ll give you a nickel if you take the time to explore my site; And I will know if you read it when you tell me what my favorite ice cream is (Haagen Daz: Bailey’s Irish Cream)

I am a newby flower farmer and loving it!  I crave sweets constantly and am always on the lookout for the perfect chocolate peanut butter cake.  I am really getting into small DIY projects and fill the inbetween-project times by painting and repainting the walls in our cottage! 

I am an artist (pen-n-ink/pointillism preferred), a photographer (an auto-amateur), a published writer (that is, if you count my 1985 thesis book and my yearly Christmas newsletter!), a private dancer (often offbeat and only when absolutely no one is looking), and a people person (teenagers preferred, but anyone who loves life will do!)

I am married to Tim, who is three years my junior but often acts like a little old man! He needs me to prevent him from become a recluse. I need him to prevent me from burning out! We laugh a lot, have long talks and genuinely enjoy each other. He is my true love.

Dilbeck fam B:W 2014I have three sons and one daughter-in-law which I have wanted ‘forever and a day.’ Sneak a peek at her at  SylvanParklife.blogspot.com or organize-nashville.com.

My very first love is God.  I am forever grateful to Jesus for providing for me this relationship with my Maker.

Thanks for stopping by.  I try to respond to the comments…especially the nice ones, so play sweet.


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