Assaulting the Five Senses

Wednesday, March 21. Happy birthday to my sister law, Susan

Jet lag is getting the best of us. We completed our 14 hour flight from the states to Delhi yesterday. My one criteria to agreeing to accompany Tim on this trip was a toilet. A real toilet so that when I woke up in the middle of the nite I wouldn’t have to visit an outhouse. On our first night I not only had my requested toilet but hot water, electricity and clean sheets as well! Happy camper

I didn’t sleep well the first night and I attribute that to being off scheduled but I had high hopes of sleeping on the plane the next morning for our final leg of our trip. So we got up early and met Trudy and Jeff for breakfast. Jeff usually does the ordering as none of the menus makes sense to me. So far I have eaten a lot of rice and cool-hot stuff that gives said rice flavor! This morning however rice was not on the menu so we ordered omelets. Imagine watered down eggs and a crepe look. And not too tasted. But the toast was so that is what filled me up along with the hot tea and milk.

Got to the airport in plenty of time and was pleasantly surprised to learn that Tim and a were sharing an exit row with a frenchman who didn’t speak English (or rather he didn’t let on whether or not he did!). As I stretched out my legs three little Indian children poured in the seats behind us. I say there were three buy at times it felt like 8!! I admit I was overly frustrated and had to forgo my highly anticipated nap.

Jiwan met us at the airport thus beginning the real adventure. Trudy had a headache so we tucked her in at the hotel (toilet. Check) and we went to Jiwan’s home /orphanage. The children (mainly girls) were delightful and we shared a little English conversation Jiwan’s wife made a late lunch for us: rice, chicken, fries, and beef!  I was surprised by the beef as it is a Hindu nation and cows are everywhere to be seen.  Jiwan explained that they had to go to a special market!  This was a obscure place near the river where Muslims slaughtered a cow and sold it to the folks that’s knew where to go!  Mmmm

We came home and took a two hour power nap then, rudely, Jeff woke us up to go for a lite supper. It was dark outside but we walked a country mile to a Chinese  restaurant. On the way we had to dodge as many motor vehicles, rickshaws, scooters and pedestrians as had to dodge us!  On the street all five of our senses where assuaged. The colors are beautiful on the rickshaws but even more so on the stunning saris that the Indian women commonly wear. 

The smells were curious and ranged from the common smog, fire pits, street vendors cooking corn, body odor, stagnant water to dogs to odors from all the small restaurants.

The storefronts were extremely versatile, some sold tires next to a doctors office next to fabrics neXt to a bakery which may be next to a Hindu temple and/one shrine. Some puppies were being sold right next to a pharmacy. It was intriguing.

The oddest sight by far was seeing a funeral party escorting a dead woman’s corpse down the street. She was in a make shift hearse that was like a clear box and totally visible to the public. She was, as Jeff explained, on the way to be cremated. It was odd knowing that she had been dead for less than a few hours and here she was on a public street

India is a curious place. More later…

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