Bright lights (Vegas style), road side vendors (can you say, “Shark fins!”?), and Chinese food, authentic style!!

Paul took Tim and I and his niece, Bee out to Chinatown tonight. We ate at a restaurant that is over 100 years old. Paul has a bad habit of ordering A LOT of food and the Chinese bring it swiftly, one dish at a time. This truly was a dining experience. We had this soup like thing served in a pot with heat under it. Next to it was raw fish and green veggies that we added to the boiling soup. I just watched and did what everyone else did. Everything was just happening so fast. Food kept coming along with different sauces to go uniquely with certain items. My brain was frying!

THEN, all of a sudden this large platter appear with a cooked piglet (as in baby pig). It had obviously been roasted over a fire as its skin was very hard and already cut into 1″x 2″ rectangles. We got a piece of that, put it on a tiny tortilla-like thing, put a little sauce on it and woofed it down. YES, very tasty. When we finished all the rectangles, they removed the piglet so they could finish cooking it to your liking. (Paul’s liking…!!)

After that we strolled up the street. Street vendors selling a myriad of beautiful vegetables, fruits and nuts lined the road. People were cooking at each one and/or squeezing juices from pomegranates or guavas. There were people roasting chestnuts, making Thai pancakes, roasting animals, cooking prawns, making Chinese ice cream. Paul continued to buy and share his food. However, he didn’t purchase any shark fins that were between $200-$700, based on its size!

The highlight of that stroll was not the food, but the music. This old Chinese gentleman was playing a peculiar (and unidentifiable) musical instrument that sounded much like a violin with an oriental flair. I was mesmerized. He never looked up but kept playing as people just walked by and ignored him. Paul put some money in his case that was next to his feet as he played. Tim handed me a bill that i leaned down and place in the case, too. The man looked at the bill and then looked up at me and offered a smile with his eyes. I suddenly got very teary and couldn’t stop the tears. I am not saying it was an angel, but it was an angelic moment…i still am moved when I think about it…that BEAUTIFUL sound that God put into this simple Chinese/Thai man in Chinatowne in Bangkok. God blessed me, and I am richer. I acknowledge that He allowed my path to cross this sweet musician’s, if just for a moment.

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