Fireplace lost, repurposed shutter FOUND!


There are several things we miss since our move: our church family, our neighbors, and our fireplace!

We miss the beauty of a crackling fire (sans roasting chestnuts), we miss the heat AND we miss the place to hang our stockings with care!

Enter the shutters from the barn!  Not only were they the perfect size to cover the breaker box, but they provided the ideal to hang our stockings.

Ellen, a dear friend, knitted these stockings for us last year when our daughter-in-law arrived on the scene. (I didn’t want to simply try to match our old ones).

So I gave Ellen a color scheme (neutrals) and FREEDOM!  Since Ellen likes freedom and can knit nearly anything, she came up with six unique designs.  Each of us picked our favorite.

Though they are easy to tell apart, I knew I could not remember whose was whose from year to year.  So  I purchased some 100% cotton binding, some printable transfer sheets, and a hot iron to make the little tags for each stocking.  I sewed each on those on by hand.

Not only are they cute, but functional…they hold a LOT of stuffers!

The shutters are great but we are still hoping for our rock fireplace to be in place by this time next year.  So, maybe the shutters will put off heat after all….



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