What is unseen is eternal

3/19/11 (Thursday – Saturday)

5:30pm SA
10:30am AL

I do believe that we are finally recovering from our 10 day journey to Lesotho, Swaziland, and beyond!  It was an intriguing trip and I am sure that it will take some time to process it.  I am thankful that we have rested up a bit from it, even tho we did hit the ground running when we got back.

Tim and I had an appointment on Thursday morning at 10:00 with Annette.  Now Annette has a beautiful $10.00 Mozambique name (Ntombiyenkosi Muchache, which means ‘daughter of the Lord’) but I can hardly spell it, no less pronounce it, so she allows me to call her by her birth name: Annette.

Annette is a long-term Mozambique missionary who is on a one-year furlough in Cape Town.  She attends Lighthouse and they allow her to have an office at the church where she is working on her book: “Deep Secrets of Africa”, as well as doing deliverance counseling.

I met her at the Art Worship workshop that I led a few weeks back where we experienced, from my vantage point, an instant connection.  She is soft-spoken and seems just a bit out of place in this western culture.  She has a deep love for the Mozambique people as well as the whole of Africa.  I wanted to make an appointment with her in order to talk about something that she referred to during our initial conversation: regional strongholds.  She had mentioned that in order for an area to really experience the gospel, the strongholds in the regions had to be dealt with or they would not experience the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Now I have heard speakers and pray warrior refer to this, but her was a woman from a different country who was living out and dealing with an entire nations ‘stuff’.

Tim and I went with her office.  (OH, on the way to the office, Annelise, a wonderful woman who is on staff at Lighthouse) pulled me into an empty room to tell me that God had given her a word for me.  Annelise said, “God says, ‘go’!  Like, you know, ‘on your mark, get set, GO!”  I smiled as I thought it was very fitting for the two meeting that we had lined up for the day.)

Anyway, Annette, a white 40ish woman with a slight build, a quiet countenance and a knowing smile, greeted us with hugs.  We wasted no time with chit-chat.  I wanted to know about the significance of regional strongholds and exactly “how” you learned about them.  I should have guessed that she would say, “ask the Lord to reveal them.” J sigh.   She went onto say to find out as much about the history of Montgomery/Pike Road as I can and then start to write down significant things that are area-wide issues.

She told us of her journey in Mozambique and the seven spirits that reign there.  She said that praying/praising is significant to the breakthroughs.

She said that when folks come (on mission to Mozambique) they normally want to do something with the kids or with their hands (i.e. build something) because it gives them a sense of satisfaction and/or a story to report back to the church.  She said that what she needs, though, are people who are willing to come and pray with her:  To do prayer walks and to ask God how to pray while there.  She totally understood ‘their need’ but so desired to pray with people for her country as the Lord led.  She said, “we must know there is a lot happening in the spirit realm, even if I am simply praying or [am] present.”  Selah.

Once you have names of regional strongholds/demons, then praying freedom over individuals is so much easier.  She mentioned on pastor who counseled with one sheet of paper: on the front were a short list of questions that he always asked, and on the back where the list of the seven region spirits that he would pray for freedom from.  Whoa!

We went on to talk about blood covenants, fragmented (or scattered) souls, the significance of names and ‘naming it’ (ie, God saw fit to name animals, us, stars, etc.), asking forgiveness, redeeming the land, generational stuff, known sin (and dealing with it, because of the walls that it builds), as well as many other interesting and intriguing spiritual things of which I have pages of notes.

I told here that I had done counseling with people who manifested demonic activity but that I was “tentative” about it.  Tim was the one who is more comfortable about doing that.  Annette said, “but it is simple.  You don’t need to complicate it.”  She said, “ all you have to do is “throw a stone in the bush!  Nothing can go wrong if you test it.  Begin,” she went on, “by asking Jesus to ‘show them the cross.’  IF they see Jesus ON the cross, then there is more to deal with.”  (!)  The implication being that Jesus’ work is complete: he is NOT on the cross any longer!  She encouraged me that I couldn’t “lose” and that I may GAIN.  (Sounds good.)

She said that she discovers WHEN she practices.  If she hears it in her spirit (and it passes the test of being from the Lord) then she will do whatever he tells her to do/say/pray.  Simple enough.

We talked a bit about the significance of the number 7 and God using that number.  She encouraged me to ask God for 7 ruling spirits in our region.  I am asking.

I also asked her what were the seven ruling spirits in Mozambique.  She told me they are:

1)   Lion (breaking down marriages, jealousy, bewitched to fail)

2)   Mondow (Chief in charge: Killing)

3)   Snake-mongoni (sickness, ie AIDS)

4)   Inzuzu (water/witchcraft)

5)   Mongouii (addictions/alcoholism)

6)   Poverty (“I sit on their shoulders…”)

7)   Sexual-tokholoshe


Annette also mentioned religious spirits (ie, worshipping, praying to ‘saints’ rather than God) and items that may have curses on them.  She encouraged us to pray over all of our souvenirs that we had (and would) purchase and if we were uneasy in any way and taking them back to just dump them.

Annette is a very joy-filled person and walks with God.  She spends lots of time with him asking for His leadership in dealing with these areas.  I am thankful to be on the list of people who will be notified when her book is finished within this year.

We then headed back ‘home’ for lunch and then had our second appointment with Amanda at a local coffee shop.   As we shared with Amanda about ‘why’ we wanted to meet with her, a gentleman came up (her husband, apparently) and sat down.  This, initially, made me uncomfortable, as our time was so short and we had many questions to ask her.  (Amanda, like Annette, operates in the spirit realm and has gained quite a bit authority in South Africa; she also speaks around the world.)

We were introduced to Roly (Roland) and he listened as we shared.  Amanda answered a lot of our questions and gave us great insight.  Roly spoke little, but when he did, wisdom prevailed.  I was very glad that he was there and shared his insight with us.  I still have a lot to process from that 2-hour period, as well.  WE prayed together, hugged and promised to speak again.

Peter came about that time and sat in on the last few minutes of our meeting.  We then went by his parents’ house to borrow a car.  We met June from New York who was just visiting for a few days.  We also got a tour of their lovely home.  Did I mention that it was LOVELY?…oh, lovely!

Tim drove back to the house, continually murmuring: “kick Karen to the kurb!”  (That is the mental gymnastic he plays to remind himself to STAY on the LEFT side of the road!)

On Friday Tim and I borrowed that car on Friday morning.  We had intentions of visiting a little Art Village.  BUT, after going a bit (45 minutes) out of the way, regaining our bearings and then getting caught behind an accident  (about 30-40 minutes) we finally reached the coast, found some cute shops and decided to hang out there for a while rather than go thru the mountain pass to our original destination.  The goal was to simply “be together” so missing the art village was not that big of a deal.  It was fun just taking our sweet time and visiting the different stores.  We also ate a little lunch there.  Tim, wisely, ordered a hamburger and I ordered a sweet and sour Ostrich meat pie.  Unfortunately, mine tasted like a sloppy joe.  Since Tim actually ‘likes’ sloppy joes, he shared the second half of his burger with me and finished off my Ostrich pie.  Whew.

We were back to the house by 4:00ish and ordered pizza for the crew.  Then Tim and Peter left for a men’s bible study that Tim taught.

I headed for my room to read and pray for while.  It was a sweet, unhurried time.  Then Charlotte came in and we chatted and prayed for quite some time.  It was a wonderful time with her, one that I will remember forever.  Charlotte is a precious friend and is gifted in abundance in many areas!

Today we were up at 8:00ish and headed to the market where we purchased a few souvenirs and then to the beach.  Tim and Peter kayaked.  Alyssa played in the sand and I read some of the journals that Amanda had provided for Tim and me.  It was a very restful day, including the swim in the Snymans’ pool and the lazy nap that I had.

All this leads me to sitting by the pool again at dusk.  David and Alyssa are swimming, Peter and Tim are watching Rugby on TV, Zach and his friend went to party, Asher is trying to wake up, and Charlotte and her brother are busy in the other room…I wonder if she is cooking…maybe I should offer to help….

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