Hi, I am Karen and I love living!

I recently published a book called Start Small and feel that it’s message is worth getting out there.  Check it out…or better yet, order a copy!

I volunteer at Adventures in Missions   which basically means I get to travel, speak, teach and drink a lot of tea with Millennial’s and Gen-Z-er’s.  Does it get any better than this?

Back to the travel part– I travel all over the world (Spain, South Africa, Uganda, Ecuador, Italy, Lesotho, Costa Rico, to name a few) but my favorite place on the planet is in my flower garden. This is where I plant seeds, pull weeds and connect best with God while exponentially finding His Kingdom.

I’ve been happily married to Tim, the man I call my boyfriend, for over 35 years.  He needs me to prevent him from becoming a recluse and I need him to keep me from burning out! We laugh a lot, have long talks and genuinely enjoy each other.

I have three grown sons, two daughters-in-law one beautiful grandson and one almost-daughter-in-law (4/4/2020).

My very first love is God.  I am forever grateful to Jesus for providing for me this relationship with my Maker.

Thanks for stopping by.

I try to respond to the comments…especially the nice ones, so play sweet.


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