Happy Hamilton, Art Worship, and a baked potato!

3/5/11  Saturday. Happy 20th birthday, Hamilton!

8:35pm SA

12:25pm AL

Up early today (any time I have to set the alarm clock, I am “up early”.  Peter drove us to the art shop to purchase supplies for the Art Worship Workshop and then back to the house to do some last minute “things”.

We chatted with ham bright an early (it was about midnight in Tuscaloosa) and he told us that he chose to open his presents that Lisa Burke mailed to him from us since it was “already his birthday.  Makes sense.  I am so proud of my Happy Hamilton.  He brings us great joy.  Just wish I could have hugged him on his 20th birthday!

But life in South Africa marches on!

We got to the church about 45 minutes before the workshop so we could help finish setting up (Annalyse and Suzy had done most of the work) and by 2:00 people started arriving.  Young and old and ALL different colors (!).  We had, I guess, about 50 people attend. How fun.

I did my prepared spiel about how my art worship workshops started and before you know it people were drawing and painting and writing.  It was a beautiful experience during it…but then FOLLOWING it was nothing short of amazing.

One middle aged man had painted, but he had WRITTEN as well.  He wrote a story of “the Absentee Gardner”  It was a prose about how seeds are planted, sometimes in wombs, and then abandoned.  He had been abandoned by his father, and felt that the gardener had been absent.  But then realized that his REAL father, the REAL gardner WAS there and had been there the whole time, guarding and growing that seed (him.)  It was quite beautiful.

During our small group share time there was a sweet girl (college age) who had worked very diligently on a large paper.  She had used black pastels and then worked backwards, erasing the white into the pic.  It was of a world and the heavenly light coming down and Jesus on the cross shedding his blood (the only red).  The pic is on Facebook.

Anyhow, she had a hard time sharing, as she was obviously not comfortable in the group.  At all.  She broke down so I just asked what the others “saw” in the picture.  MANY things were seen by the others and then our session was over.  I asked her about it again with just the two of us.  She said, “I have just  finished listening to a audio of a guy named…uh, I can’t pronounce it, uh…Louie Gigilio”

I smiled, “ah, Louie Giglio!  He is a friend of ours.  He was in our wedding!”  She went onto say that he had talked about taking everything to the cross.  That the cross is where the freedom was and that she had so much to sort out and that she was learning to take things to the cross…and that was what the picture was for.  Small world, eh?

There four women there from another church who couldn’t wait to get back to their church to start ART WORSHIP!!

Then, there was a lady named Annette who is about my age.  She is on a year sabbatical from being a missionary in Mozambique.  She is white but expressed that she feels more comfortable in the Mozambique culture where she has served for about 30 years.  She came not knowing what to expect but was invigorated to have this experience.  She shared that she had been giving paper to the children to draw pictures…but that NOW she is going to teach them how to worship God through art (more tears!)

Annette has a Mozambique name (which, of course, I cannot pronounce) but it means “fair daughter of God”.  She was named that because they were so amazed that a young white woman would come into their culture to tell them about God.  Oh, God, give the church MORE like Annette!

Tim and I will meet with Annette when we get back from our 10 day road trip.  She is in the process of writing a book called, The deep secrets of Africa.  Her heart is that the roots of the stronghold MUST be dealt with in order for a place  (or a person) to experience deliverance.  SHE is a jewel and I feel honored just to be around her.  Really.  She has a grasp on some things that I want to glean from.

There are more jewels from that day but not enough space to write it all  (I know that I will regret that!)

We left there and came back to find Asher and a few of his friends celebrating his 18thbirthday.  Now that phase, “celebrating his 18th birthday”, would breed fear in most Americans, especially with the lack of a chaperone in the vicinity.  HOWEVER, these young people are not ruled by alcohol and truly just were having a celebration!  It was sweet to watch and be a part of for just a little while.

Then we left as ‘yours truly’ was craving a baked potato so we went to a local steakhouse.  It was marvelous, as was the crème brulee that chased the meal.  On that subject, one of the things that I have noticed is that the waitresses are nice and kind but they disappear for LONG periods of time.  Therefore you are seated and wait. She takes our drink order and then we wait.  Then we get our drinks and then we wait.  Then she takes our order, then we REALLY wait. Then we eat and she appears and by then we are parched as they don’t’ drink a lot here with their meals (we finally have learned to ask for a “jug”—a pitcher—when we order our drinks…much easier and we don’t have to …WAIT!)

I think that this is more of a commentary on my/our hurriedness rather than on their slowness.  Hmmmm.  Anyway, the Baked Potato piled HIGH with sour cream HIT THE SPOT!! mmmmm

We were zonked when we came home so I only did pics.  I will upload THIS blog  and then write the one for today…and Today (SUNDAY) was a wow!!!


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