Just call me Scrooge

I am NOT a decorator.   I don’t enjoy decorating and the the once-a-year Christmas decorating has been known to bring me to tears. Yes, really.

I hate Christmas decorating!

I hate Christmas decorating!

It just ain’t my thing.  We moved into our present home in July which is a restored 70-year-old cottage (the cottage.)  Most of my Christmas decorations are mixed in with dozens of other boxes that are stored all over an unheated old mobile home a “piece” up the road.  That really doesn’t matter since I really don’t know what to do with the myriad of  Christmas decorations that I have collected over the years.  I use to pull them out, move them around the house 3 or 4 times. Then put most of them back into the boxes and back into the attic. (I digress.)

BUT, the kids (they’re grown) are coming home and we wanted our new home to feel LIKE HOME when they come.  So, when my husband said, “how long is that pumpkin going to be on the front porch?” I acted like I didn’t hear him (ok, I ignored him) and went straight to Pinterest. The search ensued: “Christmas front porch” is what I typed in and started pinning. (I apologize to my friends who had to endure–or hide–my eleven minutes of 93 pins!)  My favorite pin was the “how not to spend any money and create a feast for the Christmas eyes with all your old junk” …or something like that.

The man loves oranges but willingly gave up his crate in hopes that scrooge would leave

The man loves oranges but willingly gave up his crate in hopes that scrooge would leave

When I hinted, my husband readily agreed to empty his oranges from their crate since  he wanted to fan the ember of my creative burst!  Then I gathered boxes and wrapped them in brown paper, made bows from my

DSC_0729half-priced ribbon from Michael’s (that I had purchased last week just in case), I collected pinecones, clipped magnolia leaves and threw away the pumpkin.

Then I studied my pins from Pinterest, moved around some junk and furniture, stuck magnolia leaves EVERYWHERE and WA-LA, my front porch!

I sure hope the kids notice.  If not, ba humbug!


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