Not-your-normal-prayer-room and UGANDA comes to us

3/6/11  Sunday

2:40pm SA

6:40am AL

By the pool again!  I just overheard Peter ask Tim, “So, is there something you would like to do today….?”  (Tim and I figured out that Peter is USING Tim and I to get out from behind his desk and do all of the ‘ministry’ things that he has been dying to do!) So be it!

HOPEFULLY, we will be right here for the rest of the day.  Charlotte is cooking lunch (I ‘weakly’ asked if I could help….), Peter and Tim are watching cricket (or rugby, or maybe soccer…?) and I am by the POOL.  I am one happy camper.

I keep having to drink water and put cream on my face several times each day simply because I keep crying.  I am glad to know that God is keeping each of my tears in his bottle, as I feel like they are the only offering that I am able to give back to him after all that HE is allowing he to experience and savor.  Whew, today was no exception!

I had set my alarm, but obviously failed to turn it on, as when I looked at the clock it was 7:30!  YIKES, we had to be out of the door by 8:10am!  We put it in gear and packed into the car and were soon at the church.

Tim had been to the prayer room LAST week and wanted me to go experience it this week so we headed there first.  It was an upper room with pews lining the walls and a few chairs facing the pews.  They had already begun to pray.  Some people were seated either on the pews or chairs.  Some people were standing along the walls with arms outstretched (like praising God, outstretched).  Some were simply walking around literally talking to God out loud.  The room was noisy with prayer: some in tongues, some proclaiming scriptures and some voicing their heart cries.  ALL ages and colors were represented.  The sweetest visual was of an older woman (who had been loudly proclaiming scripture) holding hands with a young black man (about college age) sporting dread-locks, who was nodding in agreement.  It wa a sight to behold.

Since I was not use to this I took a seat on the pew but could not help but get caught up in the passion of these simple church people.  There were about 20-25 folks in the room, a number that I considered a good percentage of this very large church.  I spent most of my time praying for Pike Road, but managed a few prayers for the Lighthouse…since I was their  guest, of course!

After a few minutes we circled up and an older black man led us in prayer for the church and the nation and the continent.  Pretty heavy duty stuff.  Peter and Charlotte came into the room ad everyone gathered around them to pray for them as leadership.  Wow, what a heavy mantle: leadership.  This church obviously loves them and blesses them. (It made me happy to be a part of Pike Road where we are loved and blessed and prayed for! J )

Then we went into the church for service.  The church is a former theater and is very large.  Most of the chairs on the lower level were filled…about 75-80% if not more.  All of the art that was done yesterday was hanging on a line that they had strewn across the front of the platform.

Peter and Charlotte both helped lead worship today (they have different teams to do this each week.)  It was wonderful to worship with others, but it did make me miss my church!  Before worship they presented about 10 people who would be baptized that day…then they were ushered off.  This was curious to me but not for long.  They baptized them and it was broadcast on the large screens via the airwaves.  This caught my eye so I took a pic of the screen while someone was being baptized.  Dancers were dancing during worship so the Lord allowed me to snap at just the right moment to get the Picture of the day!  (I will upload it on fb soon….)

Then a woman gave a word about people in the church that might be coming discouraged in “the marketplace”.  It was just affirming that God planted them there.  Then she felt like some people needed to be prayed over for knee pain/issues.  About 8 or so folks came up but were taken over to the side for some other people to pray for them.

Then they had a baby dedication, asking all the family members to come up and join the families that they were members of.  After Peter prayed, these families were encouraged to pray together.

THEN (there was a lot going on today) they introduced the Watutu were introduced.  This is a group of school-aged children that had been rescued from the streets of Uganda and were now traveling and singing.

WOW…what a feast for the spirit and the soul!!

First of all, they wore their native dress/clothing, which was stunning.  Then they had some remarkable music with the African flavor.  Then they featured video stories of several of the kids and where they had come from, some similar to the stories of the kids we work with in Honduras. It was stirring.  All of it.  But the most stirring was to watch the faces of the kids as THEY worshipped.  They KNEW who they were AND to WHOM they belonged.  They GOT IT!

One line from one of the songs was: I am not alone, I am NOT forgotten: HE KNOWS MY NAME!…then they ministered that same truth to us in the audience.  WOW.

Tim was sitting next to Julius, a 30 year old pastor from Uganda who was traveling with them.  He beamed (note pics on fb coming soon!)  We told him where were were from and he encouraged us in our longevity.  It was very humbling!

Then we were able to visit after the service.  They are much like Pike Road in they LOVE connecting with each other….it was very sweet, very encouraging and uplifting.

The place is smelling like home-made enchiladas…I guess I should offer to help Charlotte…but maybe I will upload pics instead (don’t tell her!)

Oh, I miss my boys.  If any of the 7 of you in blog-land think of Ty, Jonathan, and/or Hamilton, please pray for them.  I want God’s hands to be on them firmly.

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