“If I can’t define the Kingdom, then how can I seek it?” 

That is the question Karen faced back in 1995.  Since that time she has been on a personal journey to not only find a working definition for the Kingdom, but to learn how to seek it first.  

Start Small is the abbreviated version of that journey and is now available on Amazon as paperback and Kindle versions.

Here is a small sampling of readers’ feedback: 

  • This book is great if you are new at seeking His Kingdom and a fantastic reminder to those of us who have been seeking it for a while. –ST
  • I am learning so much about the Kingdom!!! –SJ
Karen with friend, Patricia, at her book signing in Pike Road, Alabama
  • The kingdom of God is such a familiar concept, but do we really understand it? This book is offers great insight and simple explanation of the kingdom. The stories are such vivid pictures that will come to mind again and again as reminders to stop, pay attention, and listen to what God is teaching me. There are so many big truths and great takeaways packed into these pages. I would suggest ordering two, you’ll definitely want to share but I imagine like me, you’ll also want to read it again! –JB
  • Thanks for your great insights, Karen. I’m loving your new book, “Start Small.” –KP
  • I just finished it from cover to cover! Tears hit me throughout it! … Your words (seeds from the Lord) have grown in me and speak to me constantly…reassuring me, guiding me, giving me moments of “ohhhh, this is what she meant”! –LK
  • Congratulations on a magnificent little book … Please send me 6 more books. –TM
  • One of those books you wish it didn’t end.
    This book contains so much life. I never referred to a book as a pal but this book has been that for me. It challenged me, comforted me and sometimes made me tear up. So many times I said the words ‘thank you’ after reading a chapter in this book. –SS
  • I’m enjoying this book so much. –DS
  • Can’t tell you how much I loved your book cause then you’d get the big head about it. Haha. Got to stay humble. –NJ
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Start Small is on Amazon!

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