Rhys requested carrots!We invited the Sequina’s to drop by after their marathon tri-state-Thanksgiving-jaunt. Liam and the grilled cheese I told Nichole that I would have healthy stuff since I knew that, like us and every other American, they had their fill of food!  Nichole exclaimed: “NO, we want the fattening stuff!”  HAHA, Of course!  

They are younger than we are but have fooled us into thinking that they enjoy being with us.  Both of them are creative, fun, and love to sit around a table for long periods of time spewing conversation and food!  (YES, I know what I just said…and it happens…)

JoJo and Nichole Sequina are two more of my favorite foodies!  JoJo is from the Philippines and use to lead worship at our church in Pike Road, AL .  He and Nichole have two of the cutest boys in the world and will be holding their new daughter any day now.  They now live in Charlotte, NC.

The DNA on this card would be tasty!

The DNA on this card would be tasty!

On this particular visit I served them two soups (it was cold outside), cornbread, and chocolate rum cake.  (Looking at this now it seems like an odd menu…) And, of course, a hot pot of coffee.

The first soup, vegetable,  was from my husband’s mother’s kitchen. I have made this soup so many times, that it is kinda hard to read the recipe card anymore.  It is tried-and-true and DELICIOUS!The 5-star Squash and Ham Soup

The second soup is Paula Deen’s Yellow Squash and Ham soup I know, squash and ham soup sounds terrible, but it had a five star rating so I tried it back when I had too much fresh squash.  Since then, I have made  it several times!  ITS AMAZING!

The Chocolate Rum Cake  recipe was given to me by Kathy Haney, who was my parents’ across-the-street neighbor in Charleston, SC.  She brought the cake over to my parents when my momma was fighting cancer back in 1995.  The cake added a ‘happy’ to our day then and continues to make the masses smile each and every time I make it!  I NEVER have any leftover!

So I decided to share both the DELICIOUS and the AMAZING soup recipes with you today…in doing so, I also appease JOJO who, along with eating me out of house and home, keeps my website functioning.  Two days ago he asked me to “try another blog” so we can see if my subscriptions are working.

He thinks I have nothing else to do but cook and write…..