TODAY’S Foodlieland Favorite: My father-in-law

Do you live to eat or eat to live?  This was a question posed by friend, Peggy Sutton, years ago.  I blurted out my response: I EAT TO LIVE.   My husband proclaimed: I LIVE TO EAT!  

Over the years we have asked many people the same question, though we, admittedly, already knew most of their responses. (We have eaten with most of them and have seen the familiar glow that appears when the word ‘food’ is even mentioned!)

With that in mind I am chronicling MY FAVORITE FOODIES and how a particular food relates them to me.


Father-in-law and Fried Chicken

Prepping to cook

Prepping to cook

Ed double-checked with me to make sure that I really had invited him into my kitchen.  I assured my father-in-law that the second-hand request (via my husband) was authentic. “YES!” I proclaimed! I want you to teach me how to fry chicken! No one fries chicken like you do!”

Rewind 29 years and this same invitation would NOT have been extended.  As a new bride I sighed each time my father-in-law carried bags of groceries into my kitchen.  After all, he had a pre-arranged menu for the entire weekend and plans to cook in my kitchen. My kitchen!

Time has allowed me to realize that his sincere intention was to bless the newlyweds. However, at that time, I chose to believe that he didn’t think I could cook.

So I silently stewed, while my new husband tried to ease the subtle tension. After all, to him, his dad was being true to himself: Ed was, and still is, a die-hard foodie!

Back to 2013. Ed is now 85 and rarely cooks but he still LOVES to eat. However, on this particular sunny day, he sauntered, INVITED, into my kitchen.

Soaking the chicken in salt water helps the chicken not to 'bleed' during frying

Soaking the chicken in salt water helps the chicken not to ‘bleed’ during frying

i hope I remember to adjust the temperature!

i hope I remember to adjust the temperature!

The foodie-glow grew around him as he began describing, in detail, HOW to cut up the chicken and why it needed to be soaked in salt water (to get the blood out). He went on to describe how much grease should be in the pan and how hot it needed to. There was a perfectly timed flipping technique and an emphasis on not overcrowding. He also showed me how to make white gravy!

The chicken was perfect. Thirty years has mellowed me. Oh, my youthfulness prevented me from enjoying years (and more shared recipes) with him in my kitchen.

Ed is my first and my most favorite foodie!

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