The Cottage

The Cottage  located on Twin Hawk Hill, Cumming, Georgia

After in transitionThis 1940’s house, which is where we abide, was originally built in Atlanta, GA by Coleman Dilbeck (Tim’s great uncle) for his brother, Tillman.

In the 1970’s when demolition time came because of growth in Atlanta, Tim’s dad (Ed Dilbeck) moved it to it’s present location on his land in Cumming, GA.

In the 1980’s Ed added a great-room to the east side with the intentions of finishing it. However, unforeseen life events prevented its completion until October of 2012 when the snakes were rattled out by Tim and son, Hamilton.

Many of pictures below were taken after October of 2013. Much work still remains to be done, and though our little cottage boasts of no straight lines, it is tight, livable, and quite cozy! 

Click on a photo to enlarge!  Enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “The Cottage

  1. Wow. That is quite a restoration. You should have done a video. It could be tv show. This web site pretty impressive too. Come see me, miss you guys

  2. What a masterpiece! It is like a picture of what Christ can do in a broken life.
    It must be so rewarding to have experienced transformation.
    I know you have not finished but it is like a miracle.
    We do miss you around here and wonder what your life is like now.

  3. Great blog, web site. We miss y’all in Montgomery. Everything is fine here. Our four(plus four) and the 9 grands are great too. I have fond memories of your talk at the father – daughter banquet, you “coaching” at tug of war on field day, and of course chaperoning with you at the TPS dance. We so caught that kid sneaking in ! I asked Tim is there was anything you couldn’t do and he said “there is nothing she can’t do”. I believe it ! You are both incredibly talented and blessed by God.


  4. Wow how wonderful is this the rescue of a old home, a great experience with so much reward.

    I believe you are the lady from the Farmer’s Market in Cumming? I found you on this website and if you are that person WOW the Old Fashioned Tea Cakes were simply delicious, hope to see you there again this coming Wednesday and I will take a dozen for sure!

    Keep up the great work and enjoy life, you only have once chance at that! I live in a home built in 1926 and this home was set to meet the fate of the bulldozer when the previous owner’s rescued it. It is a work in progress!

    • Yes, Jo Anne. i am the tea cake/flower lady! Note sure if I will be back on Wednesday… I didn’t sell a lot of flowers (tho I did sell out of Tea Cakes!)
      thanks for looking at my website! Hope to see you soon!

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