WRFusion update Country #1, Update #1 (or Blue Sky Needed)

IMG_6264Saturday morning, January 3

Tim and I are on the way to Thailand via Shanghai. As in Shanghai, China.

I am sitting in the lobby listening to Tim trying to communicate with the hotel personnel who speaks  “a little” English (said while holding their fingers in tiny-mode.)   I also hear the tinkling of 42 million glass thingies that are hanging from the massive chandelier. If I let allowed myself it could put me back to sleep.  We are 12 hours ahead of Atlanta.

We soon leave the lobby and get into our shuttle and wait.  Again.  This time I sit and watch as an older Chinese man (ok, he’s about my age) pulls out a thick hand duster from a plastic case that has been hidden in the trunk of a black Mercedes. He then begins the arduous task of wiping off the fog-dust from the entirety of the high-end car while three businessmen look on.  (My confusion begins to set in as I ponder: “I thought this was a communist country…”)  IMG_6269

The fog-dust is everywhere since fog is everywhere.  As we leave to return to the airport I notice that many people have on smog-masks (we also had some provided for us in our hotel.  However, we left them behind!) The smog (fog-dust) is so profound but the people seem as accustomed to it as we are to the humidity in the south.  The sun is shining, but cannot break through.  I am suddenly aware of how much I miss the BLUE…and how sorry I am that the Shanghai-ians miss it everyday.IMG_6274

We are waking up to our first full day of many days to come this year as coaches for the very first World Race Fusion squad. This squad is composed of 23 young adults (Racers) from three different countries–most of whom are presently on a nine hour bus ride from Bangkok to Chiang Mai Thailand where all of us will be  for the next two weeks. Tim and I will help (a little) with their training and then launch them into their first of eleven ministry sites for the next 11 months.

Our job, as coaches, is to fly every other month to meet the Racers  (in the particular country they will be in at the time) simply to encourage them and prod them on as they journey with each other during 2015.  Each of our 4-5 jaunts will last about a week.  HOW FUN IS THAT for 2015!?

My goal is to document this journey or at least a few of the quirky happenings, during our 2015 venture.

Update #2 to follow quickly. (Lord willing and the creek don’t rise–I don’t reckon they say that ’round here….)

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  1. Oh wow…we have not talked in way too long! Godspeed and guess I won’t count on our Jan. 21 meeting because of a language barrier (haha bad jokes

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